PEDSTART: national pediatric clinical research network

PEDSTART is a national pediatric clinical research network. It is multi-thematic and therefore works with all specialties. It responds to the need to promote research in children internationally. The research concerns all ages of pediatrics, from premature to adolescent.

Performing therapeutic trials in children remains difficult. The prevalence of diseases is lower and there are risks of undesirable long-term adverse effects to which are added ethical considerations. Even today, many clinical trials are stopped in pediatrics for lack of recruitment. Doctors are sometimes "cautious" to propose participation in a trial to their patients, even though the trials are the most innovative treatments, being at the forefront of research that may represent the best chances for the patient. It is sometimes difficult for them to obtain the parents' informed consent or to have additional tests accepted, often simply because they do not know about clinical research in France.

For their part, manufacturers do not always develop specific formulations adapted to children, given the need to test different age groups, with different dosages,  and sometimes for rare patients. For example, in almost 50% of the cases, the care teams use treatments in children that have not been tested beforehand.

European doctors and researchers who are well aware of these shortcomings wish to radically change the landscape of clinical research in France and in Europe.

PEDSTART is a one-stop shop in France for investigators and promoters of clinical trials. It brings together pediatric clinical investigation centers and recognized experts of the various specialties.

In addition, it is part of a larger European organization, which itself has a single point of contact with more than 43 academic and industrial partners from 19 different countries.



• Conduct pediatric clinical trials efficiently

• Benefit from a European structure facilitating multi-centre and multi-national trials

• Access to a network of specialized professionals


Our goals

• Promote clinical research in children

• Establish a single point of contact for international trials and facilitate their implementation with French clinical centers (solicitations, budgets, procedures)

• Federate investigators around common scientific objectives to promote competitive and high-quality academic research

• Guarantee public and private sponsors excellence in good clinical practices and quality assurance in children


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