Projects / Benefits

For investigators :

  • Facilitator of research in all disciplines of pediatrics, including rare diseases, the PEDSTART network can be involved in all phases of a research project starting at the conception of the protocol:
  • Scientific expertise
  • Methodology consultation
  • Study feasibility within the network
  • Administrative and technical or regulatory support (budget, regulatory procedures)
  • Optimise site set-up
  • Optimise recruitment and monitoring of inclusions
  • Help in formatting European projects    


  • Inform pediatric clinical studies for which PEDSTART has been solicited 
  • Aid in the evolution of legislation in terms of clinical research
  • Facilitate the assembly of scientific projects by giving access to the means and research   centers of the PEDSTART network
  • Support investigators in writing study documents and obtaining specific authorizations
  • Accompany project leaders in a quality approach

For sponsors :

The PEDSTART network also offers services for the pharmaceutical industry and academic sponsors in France and internationally


  • Establishment of clinical trials under optimized and harmonized conditions
    •  « Proof of concept » studies – early phase trials
    • Evaluation of new medicines
    • New uses for existing medicines
    • Strategic therapeutic trials
  • Implementation of pharmaco-epidemiological studiess
  • Promote the establishment of bio-banks and registries
  • Facilitate the recruitment of patients in clinical trials and pharmaco-epidemiological studies


Quality Assurance