Our Expertise

A national network of sites that shares on organisation and a quality approach of excellence. A network that leans on children and family engagement.

Medical expertise: Applies for premature to adolescent age groups and all pediatric disciplines, including but not limited to the following: neonatology - developmental origins of health status, gastroenterology - nutrition, infectious and inflammatory diseases, pneumology and rare diseases.

Scientific expertise: methodology, pharmacology, modeling and epidemiology adapted to studies in children.

A national network of CIC pediatric experts spread across the country.

Privileged links with additional European experts.

For sponsors

The PEDSTART network also offers services for the pharmaceutical industry and academic sponsors in France and internationally.

  • Establishment of clinical trials under optimized and harmonized conditions:
    • « Proof of concept » studies – early phase trials.
    • Evaluation of new medicines.
    • New uses for existing medicines.
    • Strategic therapeutic trials.
  • Implementation of pharmaco-epidemiological studies.
  • Promote the establishment of biobanks and registries.
  • Facilitate the recruitment of patients in clinical trials and pharmaco-epidemiological studies.

For investigators

Facilitator of research in all disciplines of pediatrics, including rare diseases. PEDSTART network can be involved in all phases of a research project starting at the conception of the protocol:

  • Scientific expertise.
  • Methodology consultation.
  • Study feasibility within the network.
  • Administrative and technical or regulatory support (budget, regulatory procedures).
  • Optimise site set-up.
  • Optimise recruitment and monitoring of inclusions.
  • Help in formatting European projects.


Updated on 09 January 2023